Woodland Nursery part 4: Watercolour paintings

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watercolour paintings of fox and fawn
Fox & Fawn watercolour paintings by Nancy Hildebrand 2014

These two little creatures are ready to populate our woodland nursery. I didn’t realize how quick it would be to do these paintings. Usually, I do watercolours that cover the entire page so more time is required for each stage. These sketches took about 10 or 15 minutes each. I applied a little masking fluid to places I wanted to keep white.

animal sketches
Sketches with masking fluid, waiting to be painted.

I had a busy week, so didn’t get back to these forest friends until the weekend. The first phase of watercolour took about half an hour each, then I had to let them dry. I used my Roussillon pigments on the fawn – a lot of the colours were perfect. I so seldom get a chance to do watercolour that many of my paint tubes are dried up. But I can still just get the colour straight out of the tube onto the brush by dampening the dried paint.

Meanwhile, our family went for a hike to enjoy the +8 C weather and sunshine. My daughter didn’t want to go at first, because she was so enjoying the relaxing family day at home in her pajamas, so we just let her wear them on the hike. The kids were immediately having a grand time hiking up mountain bike trails. They found the look out especially exciting, because they could see our grocery store and street from above.

view of Fraser Valley from Sumas Mountain

pregnancy photo on mountaintop
Me, 31 weeks pregnant

Back at home, I was able to remove the masking fluid and put the finishing touches on the paintings. This little project has reminded me how quick watercolour can be…if I practiced more often I could get better at these.

fawn painting fox painting 2

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