Reaching back to our farming roots

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Recently my father-in-law passed along a few treasures from his father’s farm in Manitoba. These insulators caught my eye, and I started looking for an idea tonight to use them. There are lots of great DIY projects out there, such as patio lanterns, a chandelier, coat rack, pendant lights, and planters, to name a few!

Another great gift we received were these crates that my husband’s grandfather made. We’ve always wondered what to put in that space by our front door, and these are working out quite well. I have so many little treasures from my own ancestors, it is so interesting now to have this balance. It is also interesting that these are surfacing at the same time as we are digging back into our shared farming roots to………………..


Of course most people don’t start working their land on the hottest day of the summer. Unless you are us. Bent over a crooked furrow with a rickety hoe in 31 degree Celsius heat quickly hearkened back the days of my youth, weeding our giant vegetable garden. Needless to say after planting about 6 crops that are supposed to do well at this time of year, we called it a day.

Earlier in the week had this now-city girl shoveling the composted animal stall contents from work, in my ballet flats, into pails to bring home for the field.

We are not exactly sure which direction this journey will take, but it is interesting on all levels. At the very least, we will have a lot of organic swiss chard and spinach this winter, and at best we hope to start a CSA farm next spring.

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  1. Tammy

    Those egg crates are beautiful. How much fun to go through stuff like that and how much fun (and work) to start a farm! Hope you’ll blog more about your CSA experience.

    • Delight-filled Leaves Art

      Thank you – I may start a second blog for the CSA, if we get it going. Sounds like our land use is up in the air for next year right now. Just harvested a big bag of arugula from our August 4 planting.

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