Artist’s Statement

I’ve always loved nature and photography. Being able to take a tiny camera with me on my hikes in the Fraser Valley has given me a tool to connect others to my experience of these stunning landscapes instantly using Instagram.

But photography has become just that: instant. I rarely print my photos anymore, and so often we just scroll through these images and forget about them. We are losing a sense of permanence–grounding–with this acclimatization to the instant.

This series honours photographs of my favourite places by making them permanent: in the form of nine mixed media paintings. Their shape, displayed as a square, is a nod to the format of Instagram. Materials play into the theme: wood and leaves celebrate a connection to nature, while scraps from antique photo albums and postcards play with the idea of the bygone days of printed photography.

  • Series: Insta Art
  • Size: 10" x 10"
  • Materials: Mixed media, photos and collage on wood panels
  • Year: 2015