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Here are the first five completed paintings! I’m on a roll. November is such a good month for painting. Now that my baby is almost 10 months old, I realize I will have to go back to work soon. I’m glad to be at a stage where I can feel motivated to paint and enjoy this time.
INST SERIES group of 5
I am definitely sleep deprived! Some how I can keep going, despite the multiple night wake ups and household demands. [It probably has something to do with the great espresso machine and the freshly roasted coffee beans–my husband roasts our coffee a couple times a week in the garage]. My husband is a student right now, so I do quite a bit of cooking and child-wrangling with three kids. But I am enjoying it! I don’t have time to do all the things that I want to do, so I have let go of some of my ideas (like making things to sell, such as baby toys/bibs etc.) so that instead I can really focus on creating the art.

Some things on my long list:

  • update art website – I don’t have a web gallery anymore showcasing my work
  • make prints of my art to sell on etsy (this has about a million steps).
  • make photo albums from the past 7 years of our family’s life, since we stopped printing photos.
  • knit my daughter a scarf
  • make prototype of baby toys (I might just make a few to give as gifts instead of trying to sell them).
  • find calls for artists so I can find somewhere to exhibit this series!
  • work on my other painting styles – I really want to illustrate books and want to work on painting people, etc.
  • Work on my genealogy blog
  • Oh, and of course, write that novel.
    insta art table

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  1. Elizabeth Hindle

    These are amazing, truly – love the use of imagery within them and the way you’ve blocked out the shapes on each canvas. Keep going! 🙂