Insta Art Series – Painting 4

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Pleased with Painting 3, I tried to do a similar composition for this one. I also like how this turned out. I created a really scratchy texture in the browns, so this photo of my son walking into the forest worked perfectly. This photo means a lot to me because I have been hiking this trail for a few years. Now that I am on maternity leave, I’ve been hiking a few times per week. I find walking in the forest very life-giving. I love watching the changing seasons and noticing every bit of moss or mushroom or leaf or bird.

INST series 4a

The colour of green reminds me of moss and ferns, which grow profusely here on the west coast. It’s a very fresh, springy colour. One of the pieces of text on the left says “retour du printemps” which fits in nicely. Also in the collage is a piece of a hundred-year old negative, a scrap from a photo envelope from the early 1980s, and other interesting things.

INST series 4b

INST series 4c